Anonymity and safety on BWW

Anonymity and safety on BWW

Why is Big White Wall anonymous?

When you join BWW, you choose a username so no-one knows who you are. You are then free to talk about the things that matter to you with no fear of being judged or someone you know finding out.

Almost half of members say they shared something for the first time on BWW

"It's just a nice, safe community…no one knows me here, so I’m free to talk about things that I wouldn’t say to my friends"

How safe is BWW?

Anonymity and safety for members is a top priority for BWW and there are a number of features in place to ensure member safety at all times:

Safety features:


Professionally managed 24/7

  • Trained professionals, called Wall Guides, are online 24/7. They make sure all members of the community are safe, and responded to, whenever they are using BWW.
  • Everything generated by members on BWW is monitored and reviewed 24/7 by trained professionals. Worrying behaviour by members triggers a response from Wall Guides who are supported by a team of psychiatrists and other professionals.


Safe environment

  • All members are given House Rules and Privacy Rules as well as detail on how to Keep Safe on BWW.
  • Members can only speak to each other through BWW and can't make contact outside of the service.
  • BWW can remove any content from the website and ban members who are not keeping to the House and Privacy Rules.


Tried and tested design

  • The Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust, a leading UK NHS mental health trust, conducted a detailed governance and risk assessment of BWW. The assessment showed BWW carries low risk for members overall.


A secure platform for online therapy

  • For information on the safety and clinical features of LiveTherapy, click here

Your privacy

At BWW we take the privacy rights of members very seriously in line with the highest standards of compliance with UK data protection laws and regulations. Our main aim is to provide a safe place for you to share your thoughts and work through your troubles in a confidential environment, where anonymity is key.