What Big White Wall does

Big White Wall can help you start to take control and get the support you need to feel better.

Here are just a few of the ways it can help:

  • speech bubbles

    Post a Talkabout

    Talk to other members who may be experiencing the same thing as you.

  • bricks

    Create a Brick

    Express your feelings by creating a Brick using pictures and images.

  • form

    Test Yourself

    Take tests to set goals and track your progress.

  • light bulb

    Find Useful Stuff

    With over 200 articles, you can understand more about how you’re feeling.

  • two hands shaking

    Join a programme

    Register for on-line guided support courses using recognised therapies.

  • three faces

    Make Friends

    Connect with other members who feel like you so you can support each other.

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What our members say?

"I think Big White Wall is really good. I use the anxiety tools a lot."

"Anonymity on Big White Wall is important because you feel safe and you can talk about anything without people knowing you and judging you."

"Big White Wall’s community is great. Everyone is friendly, helpful and very supportive. "

"I currently access Big White Wall at home on my laptop which is great for me."

"I feel very safe using Big White Wall."

"The Wall Guides are great, very supportive, easy to talk to, and very helpful. Knowing they are there 24/7 gives you peace of mind. "

"Big White Wall has helped me find other people who are going through the same feelings."

"Knowing Big White Wall is there 24/7, so you can use it at any time, does help. It has helped me to cope with my depression and facing my fears."

"Big White Wall’s community are all so friendly and helpful. Someone always replies and helps you out."

"The Wall Guides are so, so helpful. They just help so much if you're feeling really low to make sure you're safe!"

"I use Big White Wall on my phone and my laptop. It's easy to do."

"The advice, support and encouragement I received has helped me realise I am not going mad, just in need of a listening ear."

"Anonymity is important on Big White Wall because it allows us the freedom to talk about difficult subjects."

"Big White Wall provides a place where I can be understood and accepted."

"I think the Wall Guides are very supportive, understanding and insightful."

"Big White Wall has helped me by providing ongoing support for my depression."

"Anonymity is important on Big White Wall so that everyone feels safe, and can be fully open about how they feel. "

"Big White Wall’s community is wonderful. Everyone is so supportive."

"I like Big White Wall’s Talkabouts. It's like a 'better' version of online forums or social media sites. And you get lots of people's opinions and input. "

"I think the Wall Guides are very helpful, ready to jump in if someone needs extra help, and easy to talk to."

"I can access Big White Wall pretty much anywhere on my phone, iPad and computer."

Get a better understanding of how you’re feeling and what you can do to help.