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TomosMember of the publicNov 18 2013
I discovered Big White Wall at just the right time, I’m a depressive but have found so much help, the invaluable support of the wall guides, the chance to try and use my personal “bricks” to put my thoughts and feelings into substance. I would rate the site highly every time
ClareMember of the publicOct 16 2013
BWW is great, when i dont feel like i have anywhere to turn, i still have BWW. This is invaluable!!
LynnMember of the publicAug 26 2013
I haven’t used the app but the website is a safe, anonymous place where you can say what is worrying you without the fear of bing recognised. The members are very kind and helpful and my experiences have been positive for 98% of the time. I did have a problem with a troll who was saying stuff I didn’t like but the wall guides were soon on top of it and that person was removed from the membership and so could no longer send negative comments to others who have from moderate to severe depression, PTSD and thoughts of suicide. What a godsend. It has saved me and for that I am grateful.
RachelMember of the publicAug 19 2013
BigWhiteWall has turned out to be my lifeline.. people genuinely care. Practical advice, emotional support or just an understanding ear.. non-judgemental, compassionate and kind.
RobertMember of the publicJun 02 2013
I had not talked to anyone about what was going on. I was starting to scare myself. Big White Wall brought me back from the edge. Recently I wrote a last post to say to people there how I was back on track thansk to their support and the wall guides. I hope i don’t need it again but it is good to know it is there if i do.
MurdockMember of the publicApr 21 2013
Useful website when you are feeling low – no judgements, just support.
KatieMember of the publicApr 21 2013
Like a lot of other people on here, I don’t know where I’d be with out BWW. Knowing there’s someone there 24:7, encouraging you to express yourself and help others; its a life saver. The team always respond to you so you feel there’s always someone there, which means so much. It took time for me to see just what a good design it is, but now I wouldn’t be without it… which brings me to the price-not many trusts have paid for it and paying for it yourself (at £24 per month) is expensive; but not compared to private therapy granted. Which is why every NHS trust should have it!
SuffererMember of the publicApr 17 2013
Not used it much but what I have seen is good. Nice to know its there when I need it!
SusieMember of the publicApr 14 2013
Havent downloaded the app, but have used the website. It’s very good and I recommend it as one way you could start to feel more connected with others feeling as you do. The BWW team is very responsive.
KristiMember of the publicApr 14 2013
Big White Wall has been a real life-line for me. Being able to share my thoughts has helped me to deal with them and reading other people’s thoughts has given me perspective and understanding.
HeatherMember of the publicApr 14 2013
I have found this site an invaluable asset. I have been supported and helped more than I had thought possible and although I am still working on my depression there is a light at the end of the tunnel now thanks to this brilliant service.
loyaldogMember of the publicApr 13 2013
I would highly recommend the BWW to anyone who feels they need emotional support.I have found it extremely supportive,non-judgemental,safe and comforting.There are some really good self help articles and tips which i have also found very helpful.
muminneedMember of the publicApr 12 2013
it has helped no end just being able to write down how im feeling and knowing that someone is there and that im not alone…..thank you big white wall for your continued support
williamMember of the publicApr 12 2013
I have not used all of the feature on bww by a long way – (the brick thing is a great idea but for me over fiddly and complicated could do with a simpler user friendly version).
AshMember of the publicApr 12 2013
I don’t know where I would be without BWW
JoMember of the publicApr 12 2013
BWW is great, it really helped me through a tough time, and luckily now I am fine, but I know it is always there if ever I need it
IsabelMemeber of the publicApr 12 2013
Brilliant use of technology to allow people to access the help they need when they need it.
tellerchesnutMemeber of the publicApr 11 2013
I have suffered from depression on and off for 9 years after the deaths of my parents and other big life events. I heartily recommend this site, it has been very supportive and contains some excellent self help resources and very useful depression and anxiety questionnaires. If you are feeling distressed and need support, this is the site to come to! Well done to the Portman for a well researched and user – friendly site.
Dr C GillHealthcare professionalApr 11 2013
Early days (I have been able to ‘prescribe’ this for my patients just since 6/4/13) however- I have 4 patients already (in 3 days) who have been unable to access routinely available NHS counselling. It is amazing to be able to give them a trustworthy and rapidly accessible alternative. I look forwards to their feedback.
BarryMember of the publicApr 11 2013
This is a link to someone that may be faceless, but I feel that I can be truthful with.
AnonMember of the publicApr 11 2013
Excellent app. Will be great when it is adopted by NHS divisions around the UK. Have friends who would benefit greatly.
DanielleMember of the publicApr 11 2013
It’s user friendly, and can really support you in difficult times. It’s great, thank you!
Violet SmithMember of the publicApr 11 2013
The website had helped patients in a huge way, and now that it’s accessible, it can reach out to more people, easier and faster. Volunteering work is easier too.
KateMember of the publicApr 11 2013
Fantastic source of support. I would recommend it to anyone going through tough times.
EmmaMember of the publicApr 11 2013
Fantastic resource available 24/7
BrendaMember of the publicApr 11 2013
BWW is a wonderful site where you can be completely honest and understood in a safe environment. The guides really know their stuff.
JanetHealthcare professionalApr 11 2013
I started using BWW myself and have recommended it to some of my clients. It is always available and always something of interest or help 24/7.
HMember of the publicApr 11 2013
flojoMember of the publicApr 11 2013
life saver
chrisMember of the publicApr 10 2013
only been useing bigwhitewall a sort time but in that time have found it a usefull tool to have,just to be able to write stuff down and theres always somebody to offer a word of help for that day and of corse nobody knows who you are.
MikeMember of the publicApr 10 2013
Top class app – really useful as a tool and something to depend on. Superb.
Keith ShermanMember of the publicApr 10 2013
I think BWW is brilliant and most helpful to me.
Lady BedevereMember of the publicApr 10 2013
This app is great. It is good to know that there is help out there 24/7. Someone always comes back to you if you need advice. I do feel that you need counselling in addition to this but the app offers sound advice on all mental health matters and gives details on how you can improve your emotional well-being. It is also helpful to connect with others in similar situations to you. Very worthwhile app :)
EmmaMember of the publicApr 10 2013
the collectorMember of the publicApr 10 2013
not many users yet have posted on the wall to find people with a similair diagnosis but as yet after a few months have had no replies just emails from the bww itself about other things maybe when there is more users it will be better.
LucyMember of the publicApr 10 2013
I was shown this website by my GP. I have found this website really useful. It is good to be able to talk to other people who are going through something similar to you but also to get support from the professionals. I feel safe using this website as it is monitored by the ‘wall guides’ and if there is a problem there is always a wall guide around to help. There are lots of advice pages on their giving out information and also self tests you can take to see where you are at with some issues. Compared to some websites I’ve been on- this one is definitely the best. :D
anonMember of the publicApr 10 2013
good support service
RozeMember of the publicApr 10 2013
Helped me through some really tough times. Good to know the Wall is there whenever I need it.
Bloomers1971Member of the publicApr 10 2013
This is a great service, which is friendly, informative & not at all patronising. It’s good to know you’re not alone – give it a go!!
JaneMember of the publicApr 10 2013
This website is full of kind, compassionate, sensitive individuals who are always ready and willing to give support.
Barry McGlynnMember of the publicApr 10 2013
An excellent tool for which helped me a great deal. I have shared it with friends and former colleagues as well as recommending it to fellow Mentors.
CharlieMember of the publicApr 10 2013
It’s of significant concern to me that mental health professionals may see the app as something they can do if they don’t have the resources to do the right thing. Their clients may have unrealistic expectations and be upset to discover that their “prescription” of the service can stop without notice or not even be available when they try and use it.
GhostofamywMember of the publicApr 10 2013
Very useful, 24/7 access
claireMember of the publicApr 10 2013
i use this site sometimes when i feel like cutting, it is a big help and as it is confidential and no one knows you, you can be totally open about how you feel and not be judged and that is a big plus
JulietMember of the publicApr 10 2013
A must have for everyone!!
TajaMember of the publicApr 10 2013
The app is very helpful when you fell you have nobody to turn to.
DeeMember of the publicApr 10 2013
I found this to be a very valuable resource while I was undergoing CBT and also later when I just needed to get things off my chest without upsetting friends and family. I can’t recommend it highly enough.
Mrs SmithMember of the publicApr 10 2013
Brilliant website, I visit most days. Helpful chatting with people in similar situations and professional counsellors are always there if you need them.
RosemaryMember of the publicApr 10 2013
I cannot praise this highly enough and would like to see it more publicised by NHS and GPs. Was a lifeline when I was really low a few months back and is a useful tool at all times and reassuring for me to know I can not only use it at any time but ask for specific help when I need it.
SteveMember of the publicApr 10 2013
As someone suffering from depression in the past I have found the BWW a great source of information and support – I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for some guidance, words of wisdom or somewhere to go for someone to listen to you.
LC2012Member of the publicApr 10 2013
I am learning about apps. I am not very sure. I rate The Big White Wall as a very good service as a website. Another day I have got someone concern about me and my mental health. This professional wrote to my email. I like the fact it is anonymous I like to have someone there. I wish it will continue as the Government is taking away everything that matters for the poor or the vulnerable.
EmmaMember of the publicApr 10 2013
This site is really supportive for a wide range of people who need support and want to remain annoymous.That said there are others on there who are going through similar things as others so you can relate to them and add them as friends. I would definately recommend this site to my friends and family.
AndyMember of the publicApr 10 2013
Brilliant resource, available 24/7, which I have found invaluable when struggling with my ‘bad’ episodes of PTSD and depression, particularly at night when I find myself alone and in need of some support. Really useful for finding out about self-help tools and techniques from both the BWW professionals and other users. You do not need to face it all alone.
MarikaMember of the publicApr 10 2013
This Is a great resource to have. Good to feel you can talk to peppole that can understand what you are going though . I got sensitive and appropriate support when most needed. Thank you
RachelMember of the publicApr 10 2013
This is very useful and I would definitely recommend it
Chris WestMember of the publicApr 10 2013
This represents on innovative proactive approach to wellbeing and develops a sense of being integrated into a wider community which should enable people to feel listened to and supported during and after their recovery
JoMember of the publicApr 10 2013
The Big White Wall has been an excellent website, as it brings people together, where they can talk about their problems openly, without fear of rejection. Its been a great help to me and the tests and bricks are very useful along with all the articles. Thank you BWW. Will recommend it to people I know in need.
Jason Kilburn EvansMember of the publicApr 10 2013
Potentially life saving and a very easy and cost-effective way to promote mental health and provide preventative support.
LindaMember of the publicApr 10 2013
Excellent resource. Highly recommend it!
GEORGE MILLARMember of the publicApr 10 2013
Highly recommended app. Available 24/7 365 days a year. No closing times!! Excellent!!
Brian HughesMember of the publicApr 10 2013
Absolutelu SUPERB Service, just knowing there are people out there to care, share and Help is a Godsend – for years I felt like I was ALONE -so, so Alone. And NOW I Am NOT.
Nicola ManningMember of the publicApr 10 2013
Invaluable in times of need – should be used everywhere! x
Jane DoeMember of the publicApr 10 2013
I find this website incredibly useful if I am feeling low and depressed. It reminds me i am not alone in going through tough times and I find , at least for myself, that making a brick for the wall often helps me. Cannot recommend this highly enough.
SophieMember of the publicApr 10 2013
This is brilliant, i would recommend it to anyone struggling. I find it incredibly helpful, especially as it is 24hr!
Sam AllenMember of the publicApr 10 2013
A fantastic site with a wealth of information and various support features.
Ian MaherMember of the publicApr 10 2013
excellent resource
Rachel BassetMember of the publicApr 10 2013
I think it is simply fabulous. An easy and accessible form of therapy.
QlextraMember of the publicApr 10 2013
Ive been using bww for nearly a year. I have found it very beneficial, especially as NHS cuts have removed my cpn and out of hours support. It gives me a safe place I can discuss the things that I am struggling with, and also to share the good things I have achieved. I have recieved support from fellow members and also been able to offer support to others, without fear of being identified. I enjoy creating “bricks” as a way of expressing whats happening for me, and receiving positive feedback in messages
Ryan BurkwoodMember of the publicApr 10 2013
Just fantastic, such a great help in my hardest times. I couldn’t recommend this enough!
JMMMember of the publicApr 10 2013
this website has been absolutely instrumental in my treatment and recovery for bipolar disorder and anxiety/panic. it’s a treasure trove of accessible information, support, and personal expression and i couldn’t be without it.
SamApr 01 2013
Thanks to my friend i heard about BWW, nice to talk to a stranger and other people who are going through the same issues i am. Very helpful. Ive passed on BWW to a friend.
ROZMember of the publicMar 13 2013
This is one of the best apps/ websites I have ever seen!
Wendy MarshallMember of the publicMar 13 2013
Excellent resource – already use it for my patients – good to know they can access it immediately and it’s there for them at any time of day or night. More people should know about it!